Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quilted Card Designs

Quilted Cards are some of the most exciting that I work on.  I never know how they are going to turn out, but every time, they are beautiful!  

It is amazing how a few squares and a few rectangles can look so stunning on a card.  Buttons and ribbon add the perfect touch to any card.

Patchwork Paper Pieced Card

These samples began with a 4 inch square.  I scored my paper down the middle on both sides creating a "plus" sign in the center.  Next,  I folded the corners down into the center meeting at the middle of the square forming 4 triangles. To reveal the background paper hidden within, I simply folded back the tips of the triangles and embellished the center with a button.   

I picked up some patriotic paper at Hobby Lobby one day in the summer.  I could not wait to give the paper and ribbon a try together.  This card strikes a few memories of growing up as a child in the Navy.  Patriotism was expected and cherished in our family.